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The dilemma of locating residential dwellings or commercial buildings close to sources of power frequency electromagnetic fields.Quantification and control of all forms of non-ionising electromagnetic field (EMF)radiation.  Design of Faraday Cages / electromagnetic screening / shielding systems.  Data protection systems.

Building electrical power system interference / EMI / EMF study / studies.  EMC study / studies.

Solution to all interference problems.  EMF shielding.  EMF Surveys.  EMC Shielding.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) survey / surveys / study / studies, radio frequency interference (RFI) site surveys / studies.  EMC survey / surveys.  EMC study / studies.

Environmental health site survey / surveys & study / studies relating UK / European health requirements to measured electromagnetic field (EMF) levels (and leukaemia studies where required).  Consideration of all EMF health & safety issues along with all possible mitigation options.

Workplace EMF surveys to confirm the suitability of an environment for a person having / being fitted with a cardiac implant, pacemaker, defibrillator or neuro-stimulator. 

Electromagnetic field screening / shielding / Faraday cages / shielded enclosures / shielded room experts.  EMF study / studies and EMF survey / surveys.
Television interference surveys / television reception surveys / Television interference studies.   Telecommunications environmental impact assessments (EIAs).  Sub station EMF shielding / electromagnetic screening design and protection.

TV and radio surveys.  Cellular telephone base station survey / surveys & studies.  High voltage overhead line surveys & studies.

All EMF issues relating to health and safety.

The company has been providing professional EMC services for 27+ years.  All work is guaranteed / covered by professional indemnity insurance.



  • Design guidance to enable electronic equipment to function properly within any environment where interference is generated. e.g. high voltage overhead lines, power distribution transformers/cabling, communications transmitters, radar, trains, electrostatic discharge etc.

  • Design of sub station electromagnetic field (EMF) screening / shielding.  Project management to ensure optimum integration.

  • Building electrical power system interference studies. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) surveys/studies & radio frequency Interference (RFI) site surveys/studies.

  • Television interference studies and surveys including all aspects of interference mitigation.

  • Cellular telephone base station environmental health surveys & studies.

  • Telecommunications environmental impact assessments related to new developments, particularly tall buildings and/or metallic structures such as warehouse or distribution buildings (primarily for the protection of developers against bogus claims for television improvement measures). 

  • Electromagnetic field environmental health site surveys/studies with results compared to UK/European limits (and to childhood leukaemia studies when required).

  • Optimum cost effective design for all types of electromagnetic screening / shielding / Faraday Cages / shielded rooms (i.e. for the protection of electrical sub stations & switch rooms, computer facilities, whole buildings for data security). Screened / shielded enclosure effectiveness testing.

  • EMF surveys of overhead lines in conjunction with calculation of EMF from an alternative buried cabling arrangement to enable determination of minimum distances for safe location of housing.  Such an exercise enables a developer to decide whether the increase in building density (and no unsightly overhead lines) is sufficient to cover the cost of undergrounding any overhead lines crossing a development.  Optimum configuration of buried cabling can provide a significant reduction to any resultant EMF radiation signature.

  • Specialist extended period EMF surveys for the siting of very sensitive equipment such as MRI and SEM research/medical equipment (equipment sensitive to the very smallest of magnetic fields).  Such equipment is sensitive to the passage of underground trains, nearby movement of ferrous objects and residual radiation from building wiring systems.

  • Solution to all interference and electrostatic problems.

  • Expert witness in disputes involving electromagnetic compatibility, or any other issue requiring an in-depth understanding of electrical engineering principles and/or techniques.

  • Electromagnetic field detection of covert eaves dropping surveillance listening devices.

  • Military data security techniques/nuclear electromagnetic pulse design & test/acceptance verification.

  • System earthing design for all applications.

  • Design of storage facilities for magnetic media.

  • Courses & lectures in electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic Interference/nuclear electromagnetic pulse/military data security techniques.




Stephen Austin
B.Sc., C.Eng., F.I.E.E., F.C.I.B.S.E. (Director)

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Responsibility for all EMC aspects of the redevelopment of Broadcasting House in London.

British Petroleum
EMC design of a research laboratory.


Consultant for protection of an automatic telephone exchange from radar EMI at a major airport.

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